Flood and Water Damage

Floods And Water Damage In Tallahassee: What You Can Do To Curb The Damage

Here in the Tallahassee area, we're well attuned to the environmental risks we run to live in our beautiful state. Living at or near sea level has its consequences. Many of our Tallahassee neighborhoods are flood-prone, a problem which results in potentially millions of dollars worth of damage annually. It also results in displacement and loss of precious keepsakes for our residents.

The good news is that just because a flood happens, it does not mean that you have to lose everything. In fact, even in seemingly dire situations where it appears that you will lose much of what you have to water damage and suffer severe property damage, it isn't always so. Why? Because Southern Restoration Technologies has the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to counter the devastating results of even the worst Tallahassee water and flood damage.

Let SRT be your experienced, knowledgeable partner against the ravages of floods in Tallahassee!

SRT: At The Forefront Of Water Damage Remediation In Tallahassee

SRT boasts some of the most authoritative, well-trained technicians in the area. We also use the most advanced equipment for water remediation in Tallahassee. But it's more than just that. SRT is fast. So fast, in fact, that we guarantee we will be on the scene within one hour beginning the water mitigation process. Time is a critical factor in limiting water damage and we pride ourselves on our lightning-quick response time. Not only do we restore dry, happy homes…we restore healthy homes by keeping them mold-free!

Mold loves wet carpet, ceilings, walls and baseboards. Keep your family's home safe and healthy with Southern Restoration Technologies.

Because we're so prompt, so good at what we do and use the finest equipment available operated by the best-trained staff in Tallahassee, we also have the ability to limit other damages. For instance, with SRT, you'll find that it isn't necessary to rip up your carpets to limit the water and flood damage in your Tallahassee home. Most companies do. They use old methods of pulling up the flooring and placing antiquated fans underneath them to attempt to dry them at a snail's pace. In contrast to this, SRT uses the Hydro-X Extreme Extractor. This state-of-the-art tool compresses the carpet and the pad, rapidly sucking out any moisture that exists in your carpet. Destructively ripping out your rugs and carpets and causing them more wear and tear is unnecessary and costs you more money.

If your home has been damaged by water as a result of flooding, not only will SRT employ all the things we've discussed above, but we will also carefully monitor your property after the mitigating process to ensure that your home is moisture free. We use several different types of moisture meters for complete assurance that your Tallahassee property is free from water damage.