Lately there's been a lot of talk about the dangers of mold and what we can do to prevent it. Some carpet cleaning companies only remove water from the carpet. They don't check the moisture content of the baseboards, walls and ceilings, which is a critical step to guard against future mold growth.

We protect our customers from this hidden problem by measuring the moisture content of all the water-damaged areas of the building, with three separate moisture meters.

The Southern Restoration Technologies Team is fully trained to handle all water damage losses including flooding, sewage backups, pipe and hose breaks. Mold damage can be easily prevented by quickly drying affected materials in place, without any concern for microbial growth. However, mold prevention is more complicated than just throwing in a few fans and drying the carpet. As a matter of fact, mold cannot grow on synthetic materials such as nylon carpet unless some sort of organic matter is present. Drying a structure or mold prevention does require personnel with a complete understanding of psychrometry (the science of studying the thermodynamic properties of moist air and the use of these properties to analyze conditions and processes involving moist air), low-grain or desiccant dehumidification, rates of evaporation as well as water extraction to be successful in mold prevention. However, if a water loss has been overlooked and mold has grown to a level of concern, your Southern Restoration Technologies Service technicians have been cross-trained and certified by the IICRC/ Clean Trust in AMRT at a minimum, to handle mold remediation as a required part of their water damage restoration training. Therefore, you can be confident that both you and your investment will be addressed with your best interest in mind.